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So having a discussion with my dad today and he doesn't think it is the fix to fit a catch can. His reasons are it's just a band aid to the real issue and thinks it is a back pressure issue so I need to clean out all the oil feed pipes he says they cause problems mk2 Jags had them on and they caused nothing but trouble and back pressure through them. I told him I'd rather empty a catch can ecery so often then have to take off the TB and clean it and the inlet manifold on a regular basis. The history of the car is he bought it from vauxhall via mobility when it was 1 year old and had it until 74k miles ish then it was stood 2 years and I bought it from him and started getting the oil issues (valve stem seals do need changing because of it being stood). What are you guys thoughts? And is there any technical data as to the pros and cons?


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As you say, the valve stem seals do harden and shrink over time especially if the vehicle wasn't really used for a while. Your dad has given you wise advice though, in that a catch can will not solve the underlying problem. If the stem seals are 'worn' then you would probably be leaking some oil past the seals and burning it off so they should be replaced.

Is the car burning oil? ... if so do you have an idea how much?

Until you have time to rectify the fault, it may be worth trying Forté's seal conditioner as long as the stem seals are not brittle.
Again this really is a temporary solution for the stem seals but it won't solve the build up of the oily/exhaust residue in the induction manifold. It's unnecessary to remove the TB to clean it every time but worth checking it a couple of times a year with a clean once a year.

Incidentally has the car any history of new timing and balance chain kits being fitted? These are due for replacement at 100K miles or ten years whichever comes sooner.
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Yes stem seals are wayyyyyyyy over due. I'm not sure how much it is burning but I did an oil drop for the MOT put 5 litres of oil in and with all the hard acceleration the "check oil" message came up on the dash so if I'm not driving casual then allot.

It has been some time since the chains were done I have them both here waiting to be fitted just don't have all the tools I'm disabled you see so don't get much in the way of spare money to buy parts and tools. I used to be a mechanic but my box is at my parents and can't collect it because I wouldn't be able to lift it. (Sorry for the sob story not looking for sympathy) I am eager to get it done asked a few places local and they won't do it with it being a time consuming job the best one was today (here's a laugh for you) want to a local garage hearing good things about them only a small place with 2 ramps and I walked in and asked for a price for head gasket change valve stem seals changing and valves grinding and both chains doing, I told him I have all the parts and he goes won't do it I said "is it too big a job" he said no they are never right after you do them! I just said "Ok mate" and walked off I am so eager to do it myself I know with myself it's a few days job with the cleaning that I'd do we have 2 teens and a baby so not having a car would be a struggle plus don't have anywhere but the kitchen table to re-seat the valves.


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Yes, the Sealey VS4766 is the equivalent of the GM special tool KM-6148 made by Kent Moore.

However, the tool isn’t required to fit a new timing chain kit as the chains have coloured links to help ensure it is aligned correctly on the camshaft and crankshaft sprocket marks. The balance chain also has coloured links for alignment on the balance shaft sprockets and crankshaft.
Where abouts in the country are you?
evocarlos does work on these engines and im told he is very reasonable and will be a fast turn around time as well knowing how he works.
plus he carries quite a few spares should any be needed.


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i also offer a valve seal replacement service with out removing the head as well as engine rebuilds,cam chains most things z22se,z20net,a20nht/nft
your dad is correct fitting a catch can is just a band aid its more than liklly the oil control rings are stuck giving excess blow by easy to spot with removing the oil cap when the engines running (theres should be some windage)
the inlet and tb get dirty from the egr valve simple solution is to blank the egr the pipe from the head to the inlet with a strip of thin steel cut to shape the egr is left in place to keep the ecu happy
I do need to get it done its been too long and i've had the parts my dad was supposed to help me with it but he's always too busy. What is a good price to have my cams re profiled? They are pitted so thats not going to help it. Think I'm going to get my tool box up here and see what I'm missing or can't borrow from my dad and just get it done want to re seat the valves and may as well change the head gasket and stretch bolts whilst I do the chains.


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I can thoroughly recommend evocarlos, as.would many of the site members who've had work done by him, namely timing & balance chain kit renewal. He's a 'top man' and even has time to explain things while he is working on the vehicle.

He knows his way around these engines like the back of his hand unlike many garages who often shy away from working on them, and it has been known for Vauxhall dealers to mess up engines when refitting the chains.
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