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Thanks Tim.

I meant its a year since I last spoke with you. ;)

Anyway, I found some info from Millers that states 10 hours track use and 100 hours motorway use.

Absolutely perfect for my usage. Thanks again.
Hi I am looking for some advice, recently bought a vectra which was last serviced in Oct last year however It had barely done a couple of hundred miles since due to waiting on a DMF and Clutch replaced which was last month, so I am wanting to know what oil you would recommend, looking back at its service history its only been getting serviced/ oil change every 2yrs with 73k on the clock! I will be doing engine oil every 6 month's

Make: Vectra
Model: Sri
Year: 2005
Engine type: 2.2 z22yh
Performance modifications: None
Looking for which grade engine oil for next service.
Driving style: Road, lots of stop start during the week, slightly longer journeys at the weekend 50miles
probably the worst driving style for engine but hey its what I need to do, any advice is welcome


Hi Kev

I would use a 5w-40 synthetic and you will find those through the link below.


Out of those, the best ones are the Fuchs/Silkolene Pro S, Millers CFS/CFS NT, Motul 300V, Redline and Gulf Competition. The Motul 8100 X-Cess, Millers XFS, Fuchs GT1 XTL/Supersyn, Gulf Formula G, Shell Helix and Mobil Super 3000 are good, cheaper alternatives.


Cheers for the sound advise Tim, I must admit I used your sites product finder and it recommended 0w-30 synthetic oil :0

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Stupid Bollocks
Make: astra G
Model: coupe
Year: 2004
Engine type: z20net /storked up to 2.2
Performance modifications: supercharged
Driving style: fast road
Any other information that may be relevant: 270 - 300bhp ,brand new engine 0 miles
what recommendation are you looking for? Engine best for running in 500miles ? 6L
recommended normal is mobile 1 like this one

is there a uk equivalent ?

That Mobil is different to the UK stuff they do.

I would say a good 5w-40 would probably be the way to go, unless you are getting high (over 125C) oil temps or high oil consumption, then a 10w-50 is the best choice.


Out of those, the best ones are the Fuchs/Silkolene Pro S, Millers CFS/CFS Nanodrive, Motul 300V, Redline and Gulf Competition.




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was going to use a running in oil but i think im just going to
get 15/40 for the 1st 100miles
then 10/40 for 100-500 miles
then go fully synthetic for the rest of the miles


Stupid Bollocks
Yeh I would go with that and when you take the filter out split it to inspect for wear and materials
i do want to do that one day but its easyer to just throw it in the bin and not get messy :)
with a new engine there will be some debris in the oil from the bedding in i may even get a magnetic sump plug just to catch the fines
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