Newbie Z22SE Tuning proposals, help.

Sweet! You all seem like a sound bunch, cant wait to get on with it, how far off is your astra from having charger kit fitted?? Want lots of videos
Yeah nice friendly helpful bunch on here which is nice.

I sent the Ecu off to CS today for a re map so next week I need to get my ass in gear and get the kit fitted, in between fitting a full race cage for a customer. Then once up and running heading straight up to CS to get map finished as I have a track day booked for 28th of feb so can't hang around
Hi all,

3 years in on this project, going great albeit a bit slow. Before i pulled the engine for a new chain kit n clutch I was wise enough to compression test it, I never suspected anything because it ran fine but got a reading of 0 psi on cylinder 3 and not particularly good results accross the other 3 I would of thought with that kind of reading the engine would be terrible to drive.

any advice before I rip it down, happy to do this but if its a case of "yeah mate they sometimes do this because of the dodgy (insert technical fault)" then I've saved my self yet another engine rebuild.

thanks all!