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Hello there,
my name is Alex and Im from Greece ... atm i have a Saab 9-3 2005 B207L FWD 5MT that has a td04hl-20t on it and 550cc injectors ... currently at around 320hp.
My plan on the future is to get an 9-3 B207R 2008+ XWD MT and make an engine from an a20nft block+forged pistons/rods and head from the B207R ... Kinda like a "hybrid" engine lol ... Dont know if anyone has ever done that or if its doable ! Hope to find all the info i need in here !
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First of all thank you for the welcome ..
Hello and welcome to Z22SE.
How come you don't just upgrade the internals of the engine you have?
Well the gen2 block (as the one i have) cant hold much power , especially sleeves will be an issue ... and i plan on going over 400hp ... gen3 blocks as a20nft , can hold just fine ... and except that , the a20nft block from insignia for example , comes with forged rods , rather than mine that doesnt have anything forged ... so i guess my best choice would be to get a block from a20nft and just marry it with the head etc from the B207 ...
Hi and welcome to the site. :)
You'll find some useful information here and some of the members are very knowledgable.
I'm trying to find as much info i can so i can be ready when the time comes !
Sounds like you should be checking out some of the american tuning companies as they offer parts which will go past 400bhp and a lot more.
Bite the bullet now so to speak to make your build future proof (y)