Needle bearing kit

i want to replace my needle bearings as a precaution as I have no idea what mileage their on and my car gets a hard time on track and lots of road miles currently, I've previously replaced the snout bearings as they were getting lumpy so these must be equally shagged.

I don't really want to pay the ridiculous shipping costs of zzp so will these be any good?

In reality if they last a year of racing I will be happy, and will replace as a maintenance mod over the off season.



Stupid Bollocks
think there 3 sizes from memory of zzp'd listing
but the m62 lsj has open back no casing on the rear unlike the eaton m45 (mini) charger than has closed bearings
Got a reply back from the seller:

"Needle bearings with open back always have a 17mm internal diameter, but may have three kinds of outer diameter. 24,27 and 32 mm."

Did all M62's have the same size outer diameters?


Stupid Bollocks
the snout bearings are off the shelf there like £11 and about £15 with the seal and the 2 bearings

""the snout contains 2 bearings and a twin lip viton seal
1x 6204 c3 (must be c3 rating for high speed oll/heat clearance)
1x 6203 c3 (must be c3 rating for high speed oil/heat clearance)
1x 20x47x7-R21(must be viton) (its pretty hard to find a twin lip seal in 7mm wide but the single lip will work just fine r21= single - r23 = twin lip)""