my vectra sri150

My vectra is a 2001 sri 150 :)

the mods started just one week after buying for £9500 in early 2002 :roll:

first mod - v6 front bumper :)

then a year passed and I fitted the later spec centre caps and an Irmscher grille
also colour matched the sri badges and painted the sri red to match the 150 badge
and painted the brake calipers red :roll:


then a set of mk 1 gsi wheels were fitted and a set of the infamous lexus style rear lights


then the wheels were changed to the mk 2 gsi wheels
also replaced the exhaust with a magnex twin slash
standard rear lights fitted back on too 8)


retro fitted xenons 8)

forgot to say it's now back to almost bog standard :(

still has the v6 front bumper, xenons, gsi leather interior and Bilstein B8 suspension

even has the standard grille now too :roll:

bobssy said:
What u do with the mk2 Wheels
swapped them [+ cash my way] for the sri wheels in the last pic :)

Mark_647 said:
Lovely, looks fantastic !! How come you've put most of it back to standard neil ?
a few reasons, I wanted the tuning parts for my vx220, my wife didn't like the car anymore, raise some cash for my vx220 project.

after refitting the 16" wheels and fitting a standard sri150 exhaust the wife decided to keep it and wouldn't allow me to sell anymore bits :roll:
Andy said:
that looks mint Neil. the SRi v6 bumper looks really smart and different.
Thank you Andy :oops:

It's my favorite bumper for the vecB drool.gif

I've owned a facelift 2.5 gsi so wanted something different and the v6 bumper is quite rare 8)


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yeah not seen it on many cars.

i wanted something different for my car but couldn't find anything that i liked that wasn't OTT so went for the GSI one.


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Someones thrown aload of tomatoes all over the bottom right of your screen vocky notsure.gif :D

Looking really Shhiiiinnnnnneeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Great job also loving the interior :D

I must sometime colour my calipers as they look great dont they...
just finished giving it a polish, now it's shiny 8)

it hasn't been polished in six months and the wheels had never been polished on the inside since I fitted them nine months ago :oops:

I wonder if the wife would notice if I fitted another engine dunno..

z2.0net showo..
Nice and clean, love it......... & the front bumpers so much beefy`er looking. Top choice.
I`ve red paint sat in the shed ready for the calipers (next time I swap the wheels), did/do the calipers req`r much preppin` prior to painting.
... or would a once over with a stiff brush be ok.
you need to remove all loose dirt etc and then four coats of caliper paint, expect to spend about one hour on each caliper :roll:

my vx220 calipers took two hours each off the car :eek:

a quick pic of my mornings work, polished both vectra's 8)