PVS 2013 My Thoughts


Well, it has been 5 years since my last PVS, and overall, I was impressed with the day itself.

The organisation of clubs was well done, and we had a really good spot in the middle of the show area next to a through road, so was able to draw in quite a bit of attention.

Drag strip action was great as always, some really good cars going up.

The quality of the cars there on the whole has improved as well IMO. I really like the way the Vauxhall scene has gone. No massive body kits any more, just nice subtle styling with lots of attention to detail.

Access in and out was well done as well this year, as allowing club access almost 2 hours before general public meant I was only in the queue going in for 15 minutes, and coming out managed to get away straight off.

My only criticism was the size of the trade area. There wasn't that much to look at and buy. I drew £100 out, and only spent £20 on some wind deflectors from LMF. Was a shame Courtenay Sport wasn't there as well, but they were at the Touring Car event they compete in.