My Chianti Red Astra Coupe

Thought I would stick up a blog and get more involved with the site :)

So Hi, I'm Matt from Lincoln and now on my second Astra MK4. I first found my love for Vauxhall's as I was growing up with my dads Vectra GSI V6, absolutly loved that car. My first car was a Peugeot 106 1.1 which turned out to be a bag of nails, but was full of character, but it never felt like the right car for me. After a couple of years I got myself my first Astra, which was a silver 1.6 16v which I have owned for 5 years and is currently sadly being broken. It taught me alot and introduced me into track driving. I've always wanted an Astra mk4 since a school lad, since first seeing them.





Anyways, onto my new car. I picked it up 4 weeks ago and have loved every minute so far. Not done too much, just pinched some bits off my old car, lol.




And this was it yesturday putting my rarb on from my old car


very nice coupe mate ,strangely enough the wife went from a 5 dr silver hatch to her coupe ,i also put the irmy kit on hers too ,i see you got the 3 dr skirts on your hatch too lol
Thought I'd update this, not done alot, looks exactly the same, lol :D

I'm still in love with the car and has so far taken me to Paris and Devon, hopefully the Nurburgring sometime this year

It's had big front 308mm brakes fitted, short shift, polybushed engine mount & wishbones, parking sensors, rear window tints, rear bearings, removed precat, new tyres, Bosch S5 Battery and a new exhaust a couple of weeks ago when the hangers on the backbox snapped taking the centre pipe with it and dragging it across the floor - never had that in a car!






Not really got anymore plans, keep it comfy and quiet. When the weather is nice I'll be undersealing it all, that's about as exciting as it gets :shameful:
i run mine in eco mode = a/c pump off :) until the summer or severe winter
Being totally ignorant of the quirks of climate control, how does that work. Turned my air con off this morning (after reading this post) and car took longer to warm up on way to work although cabin got warm just as quick (although couldn't seem to get air to blow out of centre vents). Plus side seemed to be the fuel needle doesn't move as quick lol.