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MOT time today

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by KevinH, February 10, 2015.

  1. The car was booked in for it's MOT today at my local Vx dealers and....

    it passed with no advisories :)

    I guess that's not bad for the 11th MOT (14 yrs old).
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  2. Nice :) mines due about now see if It can pass it's 17th without any advisories lol
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  3. 5M1THY Yeah I bet it'll struggle to pass ;)
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  4. 5M1THY hope it passes with no issues - I'm sure it will.:)

    Why are MOT's such worrying times ?
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  5. Because it can quite easily empty your pockets if it fails badly lol
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  6. having a vauxhall badge on the back helps them get thru the mots :)
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  7. It also helps having a dad that does your mots :) I've never had an advisory in my life lol he did bring my old escort home and told me to weigh it in after putting his foot through the floor though lol
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  8. You'll be getting everyone queueing up for MOT's now, :LOL:
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  9. I'm sure he would mot anyone's car it's part of his job :)
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  10. Well, mine passed yesterday. Just had a slight weep on the rear caliper union - my fault, I didn't use new washers! Cost me an extra 40 quid :arghh:
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  11. Oh dear Kev, that was a costly omission wasn't it. Must admit, I always like copper washers on brake unions. Heat them cherry red and let them cool down then you can reuse them.
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  12. dont forget to dunk them in cold water while hot to quench them :)
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  13. True although I've seen them just heated and left to cool as well.
  14. HarleyPete didn't you mean Tim ! :)
  15. Water cooling makes the copper softer and more malleable than air cooling, but both work.
  16. I did indeed lol. Really need to get a phone with a bigger screen or better eyes lol.
  17. Well, at the Vx dealers the car passed its MOT again today :) - I was convinced it was going to fail on something.
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  18. Both mine are due early march. Need to get insurance before i can take mine. I bet its only done 1500miles since the last mot

    the corsa has done 5500 this year (3000ish last)

    I hope they both pass
  19. Well, the Vectra passed the MOT so another year's motoring in it I guess. :rolleyes:
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  20. Another year's MOT on the Vectra, with no advisories to my surprise. :)
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