Modified OPC Grill

I fancied a little change before Christmas, so decided to order a set of honeycomb GSi grills and a new OPC grill and then convert it to Vauxhall.

So I started chopping up a brand new OPC grill to remove all evidence of it being Opel. Also, making the badge mounting point flat rather than slightly curved.


Then I plastic welded in place a few extra pieces of plastic from the back for the filler to grab on to.


I then had the task of re-creating the honeycomb which was cut away with the removal of the Opel mounting point. Very fiddly!

OPC badge recess removed


Once done, the grill was primed.

Then painted, new style griffin fitted and the chrome trim clipped back in place!


Then fitted to the car.


So looking OK!
Hi Carl, in theory yes, and I did consider this route. But the grill you have doesn't have a badge mounting plinth, so it would just look stuck on. I wanted it to look factory.
I want to do the same thing but I want to use a Holden grill, I'm scared to try cutting the Opel grill.
Is it possible to use a Holden grill? The badges appear to be about the same size.
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I wanna do this same GSi grill griffin conversion but I wanna have the old style badge. (Personally not a fan of the new style griffin.. sorry not sorry :)) does anyone know which old style badge could fit the gsi grill. Cheers