Modifications to the 2.2 astra chassis

Hello colleagues, I needed information about how the behavior of my Astra 2.2 will be, if I increase the diameter of the front stabilizer bar.

The stabilizer bar of my astra g 2.2 is 18 mm and I got the stabilizer bar of an astra h 1.9 cdti of 22 mm. As I understand it, increasing the thickness of the stabilizer bar will increase the stability but decrease the grip. I have to say that I am waiting for the rear bridge of an astra h 1.9 cdti (590 NM vs 260 Nm OEM)

What do you recommend? Would the stabilizer of 22 with the rear axle of the mk5 be a good combination?

What do you recommend in the settings in the suspension geometry?
Track or road set up?
Larger front anti roll bar will balance towards understeer 22mm will be 1.5x stiffer than 18mm. May work for road, wouldn’t recommend for track

Sorry, but for the translation I could not understand what you were saying. If I increase the thickness of the bar, the understeer will be higher or lower? the car will be more used for street than for circuit, but it is true that I do a lot of mountain road