Milo's Astra Coupe Supercharged Build

Well its a sad day.......Its time to call time on my SC coupe :(. Got new car coming on 26th march a nice brand new 18 plate 1 series 118 m sport :). Not really into the car modding thing now so going to sell/break it. Rather sell it as a hole but prob be more interest for parts. So will be putting up sale thread soon.


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Well the build thread is now at an end :cry::(. The coupe is now with its new owner and I must admit my heart sank slightly as i drove away from it :sick: knowing I'll not have that smile on my face when I hear the charger screaming at full chat :D. I like to thank all of you on the forum for helping me on the journey and special thanks to evocarlos for getting me hooked on supercharging and doing a great job on the install that has been on the car for 3 years and covered 49,000 miles!!! Hopefully it keep going strong.

Now its time for me to move on from modding cars and enjoy picking up a brand new car!! I hope to see some of you at car show's and I'll still be popping on the forum to check up on all of you.

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