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Milo's Astra Coupe Supercharged Build

Discussion in 'Projects' started by milo, November 19, 2014.

  1. sounds like it if only working on full speed.
    mine did the same in the vectra many years back.
    run the corsa on full speed now just single switch from ecu.
  2. sounds like it if only working on full speed.
    mine did the same in the vectra many years back.
    run the corsa on full speed now just single switch from ecu.
    will have to rethink when i fit a/c?
  3. It's a weird one tbh. I can bring the fan on via opcom but if I let the temp build up the fan won't kick it self in so will just cook it self. I noticed also they about 8-10 degrees difference between opcom and my temp gauge. So ordered a new coolant temp sensor for that issue.
  4. Check the air-conditioned fan works as when mine siezed it would bring the light on the dash and main fan didn't work.

    I have some resistors I bought to rule out my fault but in the end I just put a spal on and a aftermarket fan switch
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  5. 20170701_170924. So had issue with my fan not coming on lately when tithe car was getting hot. Had opcom on it and massive list of faults in the coolant module. Faults where suction motor malfunction, suction fan open circuit and list went on.

    So purchased 2 spal 10 inch fans and popped down to Carl's. After couple hrs we old aircon rad off and new fans in place.


    When we took the old suction fan out found couple reasons why it fail. 2 resistors completely rotten and somehow a jubilee had got in fan housing and jammed the fan.

    At the same time I took the opportunity with all the free space to replace the coolant pipes going into the inlet manifold as one had very bad kink and another was nearly worn through as must've been catching on the old fan.


    Car all put back together and new fans kick every time and cool the car down fast! Taking evocarlos dewismotorsport advice and going to an external fan controller to stop the light coming on the dash when coolant module gets to put the aircon fan on.

    Big thanks to Carl installing new fans and for Adam for new resistor.
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  6. evocarlos

    Charger install has now covered 42k!! :eek: Install on 92k and coupe just clicked onto 134k....Got to have the title for most miles covered ;). Show's how good the set up is and hey Carl good for to tell the haters (y)
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  7. Let's be honest though 42k of wear for you is the equivalent to 4.2k of wear on mine with all that carefully driving you do
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  8. Yeah but your a chav with a van ;):LOL::ROFLMAO::love:
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  9. Yeah true haha..
    I'll be a chav with a pink van and a pink and rust opel kadett c soon
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  10. only done about 6k miles on mine. still running her in :LOL:
    time for a new project :rolleyes:
  11. Been having an issue with clutch lately when the car has stood for a few days, I'll have to push the clutch pedal through the bulk head to get it in gear, but after i drove the car for few miles the pedal came good. So sent the coupe into garage to get it checked out and this was a bit f**ked u would say :confused:


    So new csc and all is fine again:)
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  12. With it being a lovely day on Tuesday i decide to bite the bullet and tackle my swirl epidemic on the coupe.

    Quick before and after......left side DA right well just the whole car like that:(:mad:

    Then after 2 hrs doing the passenger fed up reflection:sick::ROFLMAO:

    Then after another 3 hrs car full done:)


    Just need to get my ass into gear to get the front and rear bumpers done and car be spot on.

    No more handwashes!! Not letting it get that swirled up again.
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  13. Evening chaps,

    Got an issue with leaking fuel from the under car at fuel filler side. Been under the tank and pretty sure the tank has dropped. Can someone tell me how many tank straps should be on the tank?
  14. Hi milo, have attached a diagram for Hatch,Saloon,Coupé,Convertible,Estate,Van (F07,F08,F35,F48,F67,F69,F70)
    Looks like there are two fuel tank straps with damper strips, No's 23,24 & 25,26 (they are all 'handed').
    If you require any part #'s let me know.


    Hope that helps you out. :)
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  15. Cheers bud(y).
    Im getting the exhaust manifold changed next week. Could u get the part numbers for the studs and threads please:)
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  16. Ooo and gasket for exhaust manifild to the down pipe also and the GM cts
  17. Hi milo,

    I wasn't sure which studs and nuts you were referring to (manifold to cylinder head or manifold to downpipe) so I've listed both below:

    Stud, exhaust manifold to cylinder head (x10) - 24418771
    Nut, hex., self locking, M8 x 13, exhaust manifold to cylinder head (x10) - 11516076
    Gasket, exhaust manifold to cylinder head - 9230949

    Stud, M10 x 25, exhaust pipe to manifold (x3) - 11100462
    Nut, hex., M10, exhaust pipe to manifold (x3) - 90570845
    Gasket, front exhaust pipe to manifold - 24409332 or 24454112 (not sure why two part #'s are listed)

    Sensor, coolant temperature gauge, thermostat housing - 15326388

    Hope that helps :)
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  18. Which manifold are you going for?
  19. I was trying to hold of a dbilas manifold but could track one down 2nd hand, so just gone with another standard one for now.
  20. not looked recently but i guess with all this Brexit mess those Dumb Greeks have put the price of parts up if they are shipping to the UK from Germany :(
    I have never seen one for sale S/H
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