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I'm wondering if anyone has any good tips for removing a melted conrod bearing.

I've been doing a bit of googling on the subject. Supposedly lye is good for dissolving aluminium, even seen some vids on you tube about it dissolving soda cans and even seat posts on bicycles. Unless the stuff i got was the wrong type

Bought some on e bay but doesn't seem to be much use. The stuff heats up but does'nt seem to do anything just seems to solidify.

I believe it is used for making soap as well as a few other uses, which is what seems to have happened with the stuff i got.

It's a subject i don't think has been discussed on the forum, Not something iv'e come across anyway.

I'm trying to sort it without removing the piston as that would mean taking the head off to get it back in again.



Been trying to chisel it off but the piston moves back up the way.

Also been using small belt sanding discs on a dremel which isn't the best


I may need to get a disc like this one, that i think will be a bit more durable


so looking for a bit of feedback, if possible
I can tell you that the conrod bearing hole will be oval, thus the conrod is scrap

Even when a bearing spins and does little damage it's oval by a few thou, that will be 0.5mm out at least !
Well thanks for the information people.

Although i am a little disappointed, cause i thought i could melt it off and fit new bearings in.

I'm not sure if it's worthwhile doing the work, as that would mean new head gasket, bolts, another conrod and more than likely a new timing belt.

There is not a mark on the crankshaft, so that would be one less thing that needs to get done. one of the conrod bearing cap bolts came off and jammed in between the crank counterweight and the cylinder wall it looks like.

A very unusual place to get stuck i think.


I'm getting my facts crossed from some places. I'm watching vids on youtube but realise now it's for rod knock.

I think it's actually the same problem it's just unfortunate that the bearing melted inside the bit on the conrod. Making it useless.


A few more pics from the engine i was working on of the shells, and stuff found in the sump. Nasty