Product Review Meguiars Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier


Stupid Bollocks

while at this years PVS i picked up a few products from the megs stand thought i would give the
Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier a try

the can says to clean and dry wheels well and apply a thin coat evenly over the alloy wheel then leave it an hour to dry

i applied the spray to the wheels at pvs where it was like lacquer you have to go steady as you can easily put to much on and get a run

i intend to leave the car till friday night before washing with snow foam and see if they come up cleaner than they normally would

the two passenger side wheels have been treated and the two drivers side wheels are untreated

on the way back from the POD there was a real bad rain storm so the wheels got dirty one the way back

heres the untreated wheel with the dirt from the drive home the wheel is quite dull

and heres the treated wheel with the dirt i actually think its a little cleaner than the other side :)

results to follow :)


Stupid Bollocks
well i washed the wheels with just water from a hose the treated wheel was considerably cleaner after a blast with water and you can see the wheel repels the water
before and after
WP_20140612_20_28_48_Pro.jpg WP_20140612_20_40_21_Pro.jpg

before and after
WP_20140612_20_29_02_Pro.jpg WP_20140612_20_40_31_Pro.jpg

the wheels were still cleaned with bilberry wheel cleaner and then wiped over with a microfiber mitt

think im going to treat the other 2 wheel as it has made the wheels easier to clean :)