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ive just been giving a few things from my dad not used it yet but heard good reviews hopefully use it next weekend the cars looks like its been through a field lol


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MEGUIARS is the best its in the boot so its with me every where i go lol (keep the beast clean) just tried the alloy wheel brush ,great, and water magnet and nxt metal polish really works well on the tail pipe lol...


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well i can recommend it i work a a foundry and the car was coverd in fall out so i got me a bar went all over the car then used step 1 then 2 then nxt gen wax i think is better than the step3 canuba wax the nxt wax last longer it took me 5 hours to do the hole car but its been two months and it only just starting to show signs of comming back the fallout that is will do it again soon lol great bad sholder again :D plus all ive done to it in the last 2 months is wash it with nxt car wash once a week still looking shiny
Megs stuff is great! stage 2 is great also the same as show car glaze #7. The stage 3 isnt the best you are better using a good paste wax like poorboys nattys blue (the smell of this product is amazing).
I'm looking at moving over to Maguiars. Been on their website and filled in their clinic form to see what they reckon my best approach is. They recommend the following:

1. Wash - Gold Class Wash
2. Surface Prep. - Quik Clay or Scratch X
3. & 4. Polish & Protect - Gold Class Wax
5. Maintain - Quik Detailer

It says because my car is is a light colour (Silver) they say that I can use a combination polish / protect. Not sure which one to use. They say the Gold Class Wax but firstly what's best the paste or the liquid? And also is this stuff any good? Most people only say about the 3 stage process... Any thoughts welcome!!! Cheers!!!
I always use megs as well, brings the cars up great, this is our v6 after being megged, I also use the megs on the inside as well, also the alloy wheel cleaner ITS ALL GOOD


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And this was my silver cdx after being done, silver is not the best colour to get a shine on but the megs did it

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