Locking the Crankshaft / Flywheel for Bolt tightening

Hi All,

With an automatic gearbox (Z22SE), what's the best way to ensure no movement of the crankshaft/flywheel (avoiding damage to the Woodruff key) while tightening the crankshaft-pulley bolt?

Preventing crankshaft-pulley rotation is easy enough using various good methods mentioned on here.
For the crankshaft itself, Haynes suggests locking the flywheel to gearbox housing using the starter-motor bolts and a DIY plate. Is this the only guaranteed method?

Would be grateful for any helpful hints or alternatives to buying/making a flywheel locking tool.

thanks corsaZ22se, I think I'll see if I can make one for the pulley.
Is it safe to assume that, if I'm using a pulley-tool, the crankshaft itself shouldn't rotate when the pulley-bolt is tightened (like just at the end when it's really hard)? Or should one ALWAYS lock both the Pulley and Flywheel?


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should be fine to just lock the pulley with a tool, un doing the bolt is the hardest part. if you have an impact gun i would use that to undo the bolt.
thanks for pics; tells a 1000 words. Will try make one - I bent the key while twisting the pulley off (before I borrowed a gear-puller), so want to be sure I don't bend the new one:nailbiting: