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For Sale Loads of parts

Discussion in 'Personal Classifieds' started by tofferson, December 3, 2015.

  1. got loads of parts for z22se and net,
    Water pump, cams from both engines, valves from both, z22 bare head, net injectors, manifolds block oil cooler etc
    Got a plastec rocker cover for z22 and 2 z22se sumps 1 complete 1 bare can be powder coated if needed pistons and rods from both engines and a net crank etc
  2. Any new waterpumps?
  3. No mate just used soz
  4. no worries. i want to get a new 1 for when the rest is fitted.
  5. Hi - have you got a cheap exhaust manifold - thanks
  6. Sorry mate sold it
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