Lightened pulleys

went for a spin today, yes the third drive this year :oops:

I can feel the difference the underdrive lightened pulley has made, before I could change gear without hitting the limiter, now it hits the limiter if I'm not quick enough with the gearchange :roll:

I need to get a higher rev limit :?
Anytime to remove rotational mass from the engine it is going to rev faster and easier.

Neil, get me an alternator pulley. :razz:

Side note... I was the person from the U.S. that sold him the alternator pulley.
So does speed build up quicker with the lighter pulley? Also is a lighter alternator available for the z22se?
Yes to both, but the price of the alternator is quiet a bit more if you go for one that is a direct fit your looking at £500, It's lighter and more efficient (takes a lot less power to turn it)
to see the gains you would idly have all the bottom end lightened and balanced. Crank, rods, pistons, flywheel, clutch, full balancer shaft delete and possibly an electric water pump.
My astra is a daily driver. I carnt afford to have the car off the road at the minute for long periods of time. Things like balancer shaft delete kit I could do .Things like pistons and rods might be a bit more time consuming
As a daily driver any more than a lightened flywheel is a bit unnecessary. If you do want to go further you would be best off building a replacement engine then swapping them to keep the car on the road.
I had to replace a crank on someone elses engine, my own engine required new bearings and I had the crank journals polished too

The reason mine suffered less damage was because I caught it in time - I was fitting another crank trigger wheel and noticed the crank pulley was cracked

Vibration seemed to be the problem, both were fully balanced engines