July 2007 Car Of The Month - mick43


I purchased my VX220 2.2 NA new in August 2002, and have enjoyed every minute of ownership. Now 5 years old she has covered 70k miles (20k in the first year !). I was also considering an Elise at the time, but the strength and robustness of Vauxhall's 2.2 engine over the K-series was the deciding factor.

Whilst I use the car as my everyday drive in all conditions, it's also used as nature intended, on track. I've also entered in several sprints with several 2nd and 3rd class places. Track days include:- Brands, Snetterton, Rockingham, Castle Combe, Anglesea, Abbeville, Croix, Hockenheim and Nurburgring.

The car has evolved over time and now includes:-


Courtenay CS5 (Schrick camshafts, sports cat, pre-cat removed, air box mods, re-map, full Miltek) this gives 177 bhp on rolling road, 30 bhp over standard. Remote gearbox filter.


Nitrons. 'Scared Stiff' suspension set-up.


Braided hoses. Mintex 1144 pads. ABS on/off switch (off for track use). A later VXT ABS module (shouldn't make a difference - but it does in my case).

Wheels and tyres.

OZ racing wheels with either Toyo R888s or Yokohama A049s (I fit Toyo T1Rs during winter months).


VXT front and rear spoilers. Amourfend protection kit. VXT hood mod (extra seals to prevent leaks). Sunstrip. Black 'V'. Rear Diffuser.


Alpine speakers. Fire Extinguisher. Programmable wiper relay. Momo gear lever.



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