JOM Suspension Kit

Hi guys (and gals)

Purchasing a JOM performance suspension kit tomorrow for my Vectra B 2.2 CDX and wondered what stuff swaps over and what isn't needed any more. Was planning on getting all new bits but not much stocked at Euros and didn't know where else to go that isn't too expensive lol
Yeah it's OK I've just swapped everything over. Might do some new top mounts but gonna have to go to vx for the strut tops unfortunately. Ride is a little tight but handling is amazing now :)
Got thus weird knock. Only a single knock. Usually when accelerating or decelerating and turning to the right. Comes from the left side (passenger) but I wasn't able to tighten the new track rods as much as physically possible due to movement being restricted. Managed to tweak it but got the drivers side tighter. Might have to get a new boot and the clips and have another go maybe :(