It does not start after changing the timing chain

After changing the timing chain kit, my car does not start.
I have verified that the mark of the crankshaft pulley with the carcass mark is correct with the cylinder 4 in TDC position. the angle of the exhaust sprocket and intake sprocket appear correct as well as the camshaft lobes of cylinder 4 in TDC.
I have good ignition. smell of gasoline when I started the ignition without spark plugs.

I can not think of anything to do, does anyone have any ideas?

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Yes, the earth lead from cam cover to cylinder head. ;)

The only other thing I can think it might be is the relays for fuel pump (although you mention a smell of petrol), and for the engine management which are both purple, but I'm not sure where they are located on the VX220.
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pakorrete have u put the pulley belt tensioner on correctly?? Mine didnt start after doing the chains because i hadnt put the pulley belt tensionor on right and i ended up flooding the engine trying to start it. The pulley belt tensioner has a slot that goes into the timing cover and if u dont put it in correctly engine may not start.
if you pull out the injector rail, place a piece of cardboard underneath the injectors and then crank the engine - this should prove you have fuel

ps: make sure you have not swapped the brown relay with the grey relay, this will cause non running. The brown relay should have five wires coming from the relay base and the grey should have four wires
have you had oil pump to bits,,, I rebuilt my engine new valves ,cam followers, lifters, guides,, bolted all together expecting it to fire up,,,, span over like it had no or little compression ,,, tried towing it for miles , no wouldn't try to start ,,took it to a friends who had a ramp in his garage , off came head couldn't see nothing wrong , took sump off ,, pistons out ,timing on and off double checking after double checking , still nothing , for days scratching our heads, took engine side cover off ,, my mate had rebuilt oil pump wrong way round ,,, so squeezed all lifters, any that didn't spring up , went in bin built all back up , timing ,back on , turned key started,,, it was the oil pump which my fiend had stripped to check was ok , put cog wrong way round, which wasn't pumping oil too the lifters so valves wasn't working , worth a try,,, before you kick it a few times,,,,