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Is there a 'How to blank off egr valve guide' on here?

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by DBcoup, March 13, 2007.

  1. As above.... done a search but nothin comin up
  2. don't think there is, Daz done this a few weeks back why not try sending him a pm.
  3. Cheers Andy, ill try catch him next time hes on, just wanted a few pics as i want to blank it off under the valve and am a bit unsure what exactly is required
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  5. cheers carl but im a little thick lol i need a bit more than that :D
  6. Glad i'm not the only one!!

  7. very easy to do

    remove plastic engine cover

    undo the two mounting bolts

    insert blanking plate between gasket and valvebody - ensure hole is below valve, so valve can still open

    bolt back on

    refit plastic cover

    job done :)
  8. might seem like another thick question but, do i use the base of the egr valve to make a template for the plate? and does any ecu resetting have to be done? as i dont fancy a trip to Bromsgrove for the remap again?
  9. I used the gasket as a template, but left out the small hole to blank off the flow
  10. Thanks! all i need to know.... oh does ecu need reset?
  11. i think the ecu only needs resetting if the valve is removed (unplugged) vx have a field remedy and there are part numbers for the vx blanking plate.. my car is playing up again so told them to change the coil pack and throttle body and tdc sensor got it booked in for the 30th might try and get them to do the the work---below taken from tis 2000

    Field Remedy: 1721
    Subject: Engine Z22SE-EGR Valve - Defective EGR Valve to be omit
    Models: Engines: Option:
    Vectra-C 2002...2004,Astra-G 2000...2004,Zafira 2001...2004,Astra-G Coupe 2000...2004,Astra-G Cabrio 2001...2004 Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE
    Complaint: Defective EGR valves should be removed on the Z22SE engine. The EGR pipe remains in the engine.
    Cause: The Euro 4 emission standard will be met even without EGR-valve. This is because of a modified Z22SE ECU calibration.
    Production: On Speedster the EGR valve will remain until end of production. On the Vectra-C, Astra-G and Zafira the EGR-valve will be omit during MY 2004 (running change). The following modifications will be introduced: 1. Engine wiring harness adapted 2. Cover plate for the exhaust gas recirculation duct 3. Omission of exhaust gas recirculation pipe 4. Intake manifold without connection for exhaust gas recirculation pipe 5. New engine control unit calibration 6. Modified bracket for upper engine cover

    In case of customer complaint where an EGR valve is detected as faulty
    during diagnosis, it should not be renewed but removed.
    1. Close exhaust gas recirculation port with a cover plate (Part-/Cat.-No.:
    24575592 / 58 50 526) by using gasket (Part-/Cat.-No.: 12570863 / 08 51 761).
    The groove on the plate has to show in direction of radiator and and the
    plate labeling upwards.
    2. Fix the superfluous wiring harness connector with a cable strap
    (connector port in direction to front wall).
    3. Program ECU with SPS as of TIS-CD 50 (select without EGR).
    For torque values and labour time please refer to Service Instruction
    "Demounting and mounting EGR valve".
    Please note:
    On the Astra-G and Zafira with Z 22 SE engines, this conversion can only
    be done on MY 03 vehicles as of the following engine numbers (Omission of
    pipe- cat):
    11 133 945 - MT without check control
    11 131 764 - AT without check control
    11 133 885 - MT with check control
    11 133 302 - AT with check control
    On vehicles with engines prior to these numbers (with pipe-cat) the
    defective EGR valves have to be renewed.
    FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
    Complaint Group: 19 - Poor Engine Driveability,20 - Poor Performance
    Trouble Code: P0404,P0405
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  12. Was there any modifications made to the engine or was the pre-cat just omitted efter 2003?
  13. I think the main cat was moved next to the exhaust manifold, so no need for a precat dunno..
  14. Further to this Field remedy posted above - can anyone tell me whether I can get a blanking plate from Vauxhall by giving them the part number above? (part number 24575592)? Anyone able to get a picture of this part for me - I'm guessing I'd have to cut an extra hole in the plate so the valve can still open though....

    I've got some lack of power issues on my Vectra SRi at the mo and am working through the cheap stuff before I move on to the more expensive possibilities.....
  15. i dont think ur guna feel any diff when u blank off the egr valve
  16. I think I may if it's a faulty EGR valve causing my lack of low down power though!

    Gotta be worth a try, surely?
  17. just got off the phone from my local vx dealers the blanking plate is £2.67+vat = £3.14inc vat and i think as long as you leave the egr valve pluged in to the wiring harness and strap it up out of the way so to fool the ecu thinking its still in it should not put any faults up but that i dont no as it is untested but for £3.14 theres nothing to loose :) i might be completlly wrong and the blanking plate goes on the pipe at the front of the head above the oil filter lol
  18. I've ordered the bits (total cost incl VAT for gasket and "cover" as it's described was £3.70).

    Not sure what use it will be to me seeing as I'll need to do what Vocky did I reckon to prevent the EML coming on. Just thought it might be easier adapting the Vx blanking plate rather than making my own - and at under four quid thought it was worth a shot :)
  19. you can always fit the vx blanking plate and then mount the valve on the outer bolt only, thus the egr would be floating over the gearbox :)

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  20. That's a good idea :D