Irractic idling

Just done balance and timing chain on a 2006 2.2 direct z22yh engine and first start up and the rattle has gone, but it wont idle as it should and cuts out as i have to keep revving it to stop it cutting out. Opcom is coming up with these 2 codes
P0190 - Fuel Pressure Sensor High Voltage
(05) - Not present
P0110 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High Input
(14) - Not present

I havent got the timing wrong have i, what are the symptoms of timing out?
I will check tomorrow thank you, ive took rocker cover off again and timing chain cover off to triple again on timing. All seem lined up to markers, exhaust balance shaft at 6, inlet balance shaft at 12, crank at 6. Exhaust cam at 2 sprocket at 10, inlet cam at 10 sprocket at 2 and timing chain sprocket at crank on white dot marker at 5 is it? All colored markers on balance and timing chain on numbers stated above. Number 1 piston at tdc
IMG_3987.JPG IMG_3988.JPG IMG_3989.JPG IMG_3990.JPG I put new soark plugs in after i did timing, the bosch plugs are old ones i took out and the ngk plugs are new ones. Is this the reason for the way the car is irratic idling, stalling, engine vibrating, throwing them 2 codes up, over advanced timing? I got number 1 and 4 at tdc
Yes they were but were fine before i did timing belt. Why have the tips gone on my spark plugs and ends bent in? There not like that on old ones i took out before chain change. Cheers
possibly different design between manufacturers, there is no way the pistons can hit the spark plugs unless the conrods have broken.

try the old plugs and see what happens to the idle
So if i get another maf sensor and a fuel pressure sensor or fuel regulater sensor it should idle and run as it should then lol? Problem with it being a 2.2 and buying second hand parts you dont have reliabilitly on these parts. Thanks