Introduction from Adrian Flux Insurance

Hi everyone.
Just a short introduction. I’m Daniel. I’ve worked for Adrian Flux Insurance for nearly 18 years now.
If any of you guys on here have any general insurance queries or specific problems with Adrian Flux insurance please let me know. I can assure you I will be completely impartial despite being on the pay roll of Adrian Flux. If we have messed up I will acknowledge that and make efforts to get it corrected, if any of you do not understand an insurers viewpoint I will do my best to clearly explain it.
It could be problems ranging from simple paperwork issues to major claim disputes. With my years of experience I should be able to answer most queries immediately, if there are issues or a problem that I can’t answer directly I would ensure that a relevant manager investigates these and I would then be able to relay an answer back.
I hope this will be of some helps for you.
Thanks very much.


Adrian Flux Insurance Group