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Internals of the standard Airbox -> TB Intake Pipe

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by Berto, September 21, 2016.

  1. Thought I'd took some pics while I was cleaning it.

    a7.t.imgbox.com_sNQ36snK. . . a8.t.imgbox.com_IFjEKBzE. . . a2.t.imgbox.com_bbpzjc2P.

    We're looking "from the airbox", engine would be at left, car front would be at right, TB would be down below the far end. The cylindrical thing protruding from the left is the IAT sensor grommet:



    With that bulkhead dividing it lenghtwise, it vaguely resembles an intake port for a 4-valve chamber.

    But as this pipe feeds air to just one "valve" - the 58mm TB valve - that bulkhead is a restriction asmileys.on_my_web.com_repository_Sad_sad_019. . (Guess it's there for rigidity, to prevent this flattened pipe from collapsing under heavy suction).

    What JohnnyN did here, for instance, looks miles better. asmileys.on_my_web.com_repository_Respect_respect_048.
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  2. Fortunately I already have one ;)
  3. thats why a few people fit the vectra c intake pipe.
    just a round tube with a better sweep on the tb end.
  4. I wonder if the Vectra C pipe would get enough clearance under the Astra Coupe bonnet. Also the Coupe's airbox outlet is more oval than rounded, which may pose a coupling problem. asmileys.on_my_web.com_repository_Thinking_thinking_020.

    ^ @ JohnnyN

    Has any fellow forumer successfully fitted this Vectra C pipe to his / her Coupe?
  5. picked one up from breakers for £2 so worth a shot. lost it before i built the second corsa z22se but found it now so when i get time.....
  6. ive got one fitted but left the cam cover breather out (oil catch can ) , to a k&n filter , to get it one the genuine airbox was bit tight , so put straight to air filter, would have gone on, if I had patience ,,,,,

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  7. That's the kind of scrapyard raid I like asmileys.on_my_web.com_repository_Respect_respect_048. .
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  8. Heh, just scored one of these Vectra C intake pipes for a grand total of 2€. (y)
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  9. My cold air feed :D

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