Z22SE Intermittent rough idle/running after coolant hose leak and overheat

So as the title suggests I'm wondering what damage has occured. The top hose on the rad popped off (for the second time) while on my way to pick up my usual bottle of oil to satisfy a persistent very slow drip from somewhere (can't bloody find where) and by the time I'd got home the temperature gauge had dropped off and my Torque app was reporting around 140-150 Celsius coolant temp. It was hot. Everything was rattling and tapping where I assume the oil had basically turned like water. I let it cool a little but wasn't able to let it cool completely as the car is used too damn much. Anyways got the hose back on and turned car on and very very slowly added water to slowly cool the car without cracking anything.

Now I have an intermittent rough running. At times (usually after deceleration in gear) it sounds like a bloody Subaru WRX like on 3 cylinders or sumat, and at times runs fine. It still has hesitant acceleration which it has had for quite a while, and is losing some coolant somewhere though not through a leak and not producing noticeable steam from exhaust. Coolant bottle smells slightly burnt and slightly of petrol, and at one point but only one point slight mayo on inside of oil filler cap. Other than that it doesn't appear to be using any more oil than usual. It heats up and cools down fine and the fans cut in nicely and the heaters work.

Question is how likely is it that the head is damaged rather than the head gasket? And can I get away with driving it gently while I sort out parts etc to fix whatever needs fixing?
the bad noise could be a cracked exhaust manifold. they are common for cracking and cause bad running as it sucks in air so causing o2 sensor to have a false reading and then not fueling correctly.
Nah the manifold is fine. Had a cracked Mani for couple years but finally got a perfect second hand one from a guy breaking an SRi in Wales lol it's defo engine related. Just had a bit of good news with this as just found I'm paid up for the year now on the car insurance so that gives me an extra 87 quid to throw at it lmao. All being well I'm defo changing head gasket, coolant, oil, oil filter and head bolts. If I get lucky I'll also be doing both chain kits but they may just have to wait unfortunately. Is there anything I'm not thinking of that has to be replaced when doing head gasket? Any other kit I need for the job?