Z22SE Intake Air Temperature value / MAP pressure

Hey there,

I'm still struggeling with a poor idle and poor firing at my astra g. Bought an ELM for diagnostics and read out the air intake temperature value. Cooling water at 85°C and intake air at 65°C at warm engine. I'm wondering if the air temperature is too high as the ambient temperature was about 16°C. Somebody knows about normal temperatures?

Thank you!
It's a very dependant factor. It's not unusual to have higher temperatures when measured with stopped vehicle, as there's not air flow through engine bay and all intake components got hotter than running conditions, especially if you waited for engine to be warmed up. Also, air speed through these components is low, so they can reach higher temperature also due to an increased time flowing along intake.

Is it normal? I'd say it's not abnormal, but slightly high value. Check it running normally, and it should be lower. Of course, speaking about NA engine. If turbocharged, more variables come to play.
Thank you, when driving the Temperature gets normal again. Leads me to the next question: How about MAP Values?
Heres a diagram at warm idle in kpa