Insurance Sorted Thanks To Ck


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Glade I gave chris knotts ago, I was with flux got a renewal which was the cheapest I had so far,

Looked on here this morning gave prestige a try couldn’t beat it, phoned CK next on the list same insurance company as flux fully comp, all mods, legal, personal injury, courtesy car, keycare etc no claims protected which is a 1st for me, 1 extra driver £650 I got it for. Bearing in mind I had an accident in 2009 which was non fault but still not settled i wasnt fussed by keycare cover but it was in the price.

So cheapest 1 (still expensive for me tho however until im 25 im going to get stupid prices :( )
so once again the forum has saved me a load of cash just by saying z22se :)


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only good thing about getting older is slightly cheaper insurance, i could get cheap insurance but id need a rubbish car,
i like my astra :)


I know. I also found that not using a "broker" made a huge difference to my premiums. I've been using them since they started advertising on here, but this year just went with a normal insurance company, and my premium halved!