I'm still here just no longer vauxhall

Just thought would pop back on and say hi again. Iv now moved on again from the vauxhall scene. I now own this if you don't already know.

I got it pretty much stock.
Since iv had it iv
Changed the headlamp to the projector units
Added the airtec front mount intercooler
Painted the wheels
Tinted the windows
Widemouth front bumper for the cooler
Egr removed
Custom remap by my self
Seat leon cupra r brake all round
Lowered in ebiach springs
6 paddle clutch
And just a small sound system install
It's also had a custom leather retrim

Power wise prob looking around the 180+Bhp and 290+lbft


Just fitted theses also

It's totally different to my 888 but it had to go as highest mpg would be 18 lowest was 2 lol.
It's the biggest cooler that can be fitted to this car lol.
And yes the map I made it to smoke loads under load. It brilliant.
It's good as I get full power at 1800rpm till red line of 4500rpm