How did you find this site?

Mark Dj

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How did all you memebrs find this site? Was it through Google? Was it through the Total Vauxhall magazine? A link on another forum? It would be nice to know how you came across this site. Thanks
i was looking for info on the 2.2se engine as i was doubting if i should get a 2.2 or a turbo astra g coupe. And so i bumped into in on google i think.

Insurance wasnt worth paying so much in the end so i sticked with the 2.2 lol (2000 euro a year for the turbo)
I knew i was getting an astra coupe so just typed the engine name right into google, and hey there it was sitting top spot :D

then i got excitied and p**sed myself :oops:

well not really but almost.