How 2 fit cam chains

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Hi Gents,

Just doing the chains, sprockets, tensioners and oil spray nozzle on my Son's Vectra. This is a brilliant thread and a massive thank you to all the experts on here for their time and effort in helping us novices!

My (first!) question is very simple - when re-assembling the whole thing should I use any kind of locking compound on the bolts? I'm think specifically of the smaller ones holding the spray nozzle itself and the ones holding the guides? Some of them seemed almost loose when I removed them.

TIA for any further assistance.

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vocky said:
balancer chain has to be aligned too

Looking carefully at these two pictures they are not consistent. The chain is not in the same position, which is ok, but the red dot in top right in the latter picture has not been correctly drawn to match this movement. The other two red markings are consistent.
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Due to being scuppered by a rather stubborn crank bolt - I only got my time and balance chains changed today. (went to a local tyre fitters for them to loosen the bolt first!)

Had this guide down with me on the iPad and it was a great help!

All in all, I thought it would have been much harder! The hardest bit is stripping everything down!!