Hornet Backbox

Hey guys, I asked my guy if he could fit a cherry bomb muffler that was donated to me, but he's saying by the time he cuts off the old box, and welds the cherry bomb on, it'll not stick out far enough, so he can't do it. (and by enough, i mean it's UNDER the car by about 12 inch lmfao)

I've found this Hornet backbox on fleabay, and wondering if it would fit the coupe / cabby.


after all, it's JUST the backbox, right?


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The Hornet ones are quite loud and usually not the best quality/short life span.
to be fair, the car is almost 19 year old... so, it'll probably outlast the car lmfao

though, the seller on ebay just replied to my query, said it's only for the hatchback, as the coupe's are longer. :(

This one however, same situation, it says "coupe turbo", but it's just the backbox, would this one fit the Z22se?
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