Holden 2004 TS Astra Bertone Convertible - Stalling - DTC Help

Hi all,
I currently picked up a second hand 2004 Holden TS Astra, with the Z22SE Engine.
I have tried to self diagnose and repair/replace what I have been able to.
I am currently stuck, and still suffering the same problem.
When I try to start the car it won't turn over all the time, when it doesn't want to start the Fans are consistently running all the time,
if it does start it'll slowly stall and die. I then need to wait for quite a while and disconnect the battery terminal to get it started again.

I have recently replaced the Fuel and Fan Relays, alternator, starter motor, crank angle sensor and temperature control sensor, also has a new 660CCA battery
Prior to me aquiring the Astra it had it the timing chain and water pump replaced as well as a service on the ECU/ECM.

I have also bought and used the Op com/Vaux com software to gather some information. Below is a compiled simplified list of Codes I was able to obtain:
Highlighted in red is the only Code currently Present. All other codes can be cleared but will repopulate once the car has stalled and failed to turn over again.
Engine ECU:
Total number of fault codes: 4
P0606 - Powertrain Control Module Processor Fault (00) - Not present
P1280 - Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit (00) - Not present
P0607 - Electronic Throttle Control Motor Failure (00) - Not present
P1700 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp Request from Transmission Control Module (00) - Not present

Total number of fault codes: 1
U2105 - <Unknown DTC> (00) - Not present

Electronic Climate Control:
Total number of fault codes: 2
00006 - Outside Temperature Sensor Voltage High - Present
00023 - Switched System Voltage (Ignition ON) Circuit Malfunction Not present

Total number of fault codes: 1
00166 - Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input Not present

Engine Cooling Module:
Total number of fault codes: 2
00163 - Engine Coolant Temperature, No Signal Not present
00164 - Engine Coolant Temperature Incorrect Signal Not present

If I can have some further input where I should I put my attention into next would be fantastic.