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Hi peeps hope someone could help

I have been having someone restore the underneath if my vec b z22se
.so hes putting engine bsck in etc and i purchased a new starter motor from euros a lucas one hes fitted it no problems etc but when he goed to turn the engine off it stills runs and disconnect battery still runs

But is the starter motor the right one

Its a lucas 1.7 kw with 11teeth but as you see in photo the new one does not cover the teeth the old one does but bolts are in right places etc


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The genuine GM starter motor part number is 12567585 which were actually Delco Remy units.
(The original part number above has been superseded to 12575626 or 55556245)

Rated Power - 1.4kW
Number of teeth - 9
Length - 235mm
Bore Diameter - 11.5 mm
Flange Diameter - 75 mm
Position / Degree - rechts °
Connecting Angle - 50°

It looks like the Lucas replacement unit you purchased isn't the correct one, although finding a brand new genuine one is unlikely.
Bosch do a replacement unit, the part number is 0986019840 (about £185).

Hope that may help you. :)
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