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Help - Hanging metal

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by DeanoVIP, April 3, 2018.

  1. Anyone have any idea what this is? Its the rear drivers side of a Astra 2.2.

  2. fuel tank cover
    WP_20150613_14_40_04_Pro (1).
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  3. Thanks Carl you legend!, is it needed, if so any idea where to get one from?
  4. Astra G - Fuel Tank Mountings [Hatch,Saloon,Coupé,Convertible,Estate,Van (F07,F08,F35,F48,F67,F69,F70)]


    18. SCREW,HEX.HD.,M8,FUEL TANK TO UNDERBODY - part # 13209785 (x4)
    19. NUT,CLAMP,M8,FUEL TANK TO UNDERBODY - part # 9202469 (x4)
    23. STRAP,TENSION,FUEL TANK SECURING,RH - part # 24408506
    24. STRAP,TENSION,FUEL TANK SECURING,LH - part # 24408505
    25. STRIP,DAMPER,FUEL TANK STRAP,RH - part # 90571734
    26. STRIP,DAMPER,FUEL TANK STRAP,LH - part # 90571733
    28. PLATE,PROTECTION,FUEL TANK - part # 24408878

    Probably not a good idea to remove the fuel tank cover plate as it can become corroded around the fuel tank, so you will have to ascertain whether one of the straps has become damaged or just a nut and bolt is required to resecure the cover.
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  5. Kevin saving the day again, do you work for Vauxhall?

    Is 28's part number correct as its shorter than the rest?

    Also just a suggestion, change your number to a premium one, hand it to me.... I'm sure your earn big bucks at this rate.
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  6. Haha - I probably could :LOL:

    Sorry, I left off the last digit - I have now edited the above post. There are still many 7 digit part numbers, but the majority are 8 digit.

    I quite like that idea! (y)
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  7. Haha thanks a bunch sorry a bit of topic but would a 1.8 exhaust system be fine for a 2.2? Found a mint condition genuine one from another coupe.
  8. Afraid not, different part numbers listed.
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  9. Damn, I noticed aftermarket ones online say they fit all the NA range apart from the 2.0T so was hoping that would be the same. Kevin do you attend any of the car shows like PVS?
  10. That's a bit of a shame, but so many company's don't bother to check the parts they're selling for compatibility with the relevant models/engines.

    I haven't attended any of the shows like PVS yet, as my Vectra B is totally standard - not really a 'Performance Vauxhall'. :LOL:
  11. I think this is the year you need to make that special guest appearence! Mine isnt either, just loud from my sieve like exhaust at the moment!
  12. the full cover 24408878 is now no longer available from vx there is no stock in the UK or germany i think they were saying that if there were 100 orders they would get the tooling out and make more
  13. You will have to be careful that the tank cover is not 'flapping' about putting too much pressure on the other side otherwise there's the possibility it may shear off completely.
    It's more likely that one of the straps has corroded (probably the drivers side looking at your photo) which is still available from GPS ( at £27.06. The clamping nuts and bolts also available from AutoVaux.
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  14. looks like the straps still intact from the pic and its just the corner rotten off ??
  15. Yeah I believe so Carl, got a friend to get it attached back up. I don't know if your know but my EGR has a balnking plate where would I locate the wires that normally go to it, as I cant see them anywhere?