Help!!! Brake disc screw stuck

I was just changing front brake pads and discs, everything was going fine, then the got to the last screw on the left disc, and it just won't budge! Even worst the hex head hole is starting to get mashed up and turning into a round hole!?
Anyone know what I can do? I can't go to a garage cuz my car is up on axle stands and I don't have any fancy tools like a airgun.
I got it of!!!! So happy! :) I used a chisel type screwdriver and hammered a groove in the screw head, then with the screwdriver in the groove hammered down in the direction that it screws off, and slowly but surely it started to turn. Only problem now is I need a new screw, looks like a bike ride to the scrap yard tomorrow morning :(Oh well, thanks for the help anyway guys.(y)


Don't need a new screw mate the wheel will hold it once bolted back on. Mine hasn't got one and I've done 4000 miles like it
I removed the screw on my old 106 and my MK4 Astra, as I had to drill the head off them to remove the discs. As @peng12 says, it will be fine when the wheel is back on, as the 5 bolts for the wheel hold it in place. It's just a location bolt that stops the disc spinning while the wheel is off.

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It depends on the internal veins. If they are just straight (from centre to outside) then any way you want for looks.
Technically you want the grooves to wipe from inside of pad to outside of pad.

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I used a slightly larger sized torx bit and hammered it into the allen screw managing to turn it with a t-bar, did no damage and was refitted.
Incidentally mine was also passenger side and if u think about it, it's the side usually in the gutter. Nice feeling when u get the little bugger out!