Hello guys

I'm an proud (ish) owner of a vauxhall bertone z22se!

Witch is my 4th vauxhall this year lol and my 16th car lol at the age of 22!

As for the vauxhalls
1. Astra van 2lt DTI
Good van had 230k before going scrap yard with no service history or proof of chain being done! Chain snapped and killed it.
2. Astra van 1.7dti izzue block.
Okay van 105k before got rid, boarded out the back, fitted a secondary battery to charge off altinator as a lesur battery, led lights in the back, heater/fan and usb charger with voltage meter.
Was like a tiny little dos for the night van or as every one eles called it the passion wagon lol also made a sliding bulk head so was blacked out and couldn't be seen into or out off.
Fuel pump went so sold it.
3. Astra bertone 1.6
Erm sold it about as much power as an mobility scooter.
4. Astra Bertone 2.2
Brilliant car! Quick enough, practical. Tunable. But seems to have a nasty habbit of using dumb amounts of oil probably 1lt every 100 miles, but think that's sorted now..
Engine is on 150k nearly and as far as I'm aware no service history and on original chain. Currently off the road as injectors, sparks, coil, rocker, and egr is off the car due to a list of faults being fixed on top of the oil.

Don't mind getting my hands dirty and doing the work myself but there are certain things I'll always send a car to a garage for.