Hello peeps

Hi everybody!

I’ve just bought a black 2004 Astra SRi.

I’ve owned a handful of Vauxhall’s in the past as well as a selection of Jap and latterly VAG stuff.

For some time, I’ve been looking for something to use as both a weekend and, ultimately, a show car. It was always going to be an Astra. My eye was on Z20’s or one of the run of the mill petrols which would be swapped out for a Saab conversion. I hadn’t considered a Z22 until this one came along, but once I had seen the car my head filled up with thoughts of superchargers. I’m pleasantly surprised with how the Z22 drives as standard though.

I’m looking forward to learning more over time. This is a long-term thing for me as I want to do it right and be able to keep it for a long time.

Happy to be aboard.


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Hello and welcome,
wise choice in car ;)
there are plenty of guides and info on supercharging the 2.2 and good gains can be had from little input of cash. very good £/bhp.