Hello from Newport, south Wales

Hello, bought my first Vauxhall back in the summer as a little runabout while my Corvette undergoes a bit of a rebuild. Of course, I couldn't get a normal car. . .

I got lucky and found a tidy 2002 Sri 2.2 Astra just 15 miles away for under £500! Cosmetically tidy, but needed all new tyres and brakes, and a minor engine service. That done, I've put about 4,000 miles on her over the last 3 months.

With the addition of a top spec period Minidisc headunit and a tidy little Underseat subwoofer, they've been 4000 very enjoyable miles!

The photo is the evening I collected her.


Well the existing Astra isn't doing too well: The rot is worse than I thought and I think it might have skipped a tooth on the timing or balance chains or maybe both following a couple of bad stalls when cold (Wet foot slipped off pedal, one helluva jolt). Loads of buzzing vibrations, and a very jumpy idle with a bit of hunting. Not wanting to throw money into a rotten chassis, I've decided to upgrade to a nicer version without rot!
The original will be used as a run about by the father in law until Tim MOT runs out in January, and if it can't pass then I'll strip it for nice parts and then send the rest for breaking.

But next week I get to collect this little beauty! Worth throwing money at. So far I have a set of Bilstein B14s to go on, a set of upgraded front and rear anti roll bars, new all reasons, and a day getting the underside steam cleaned and wax oiled ready for winter commuting

Future plans include a full 2.4 Induction setup, a full decat long tube exhaust system, a set of cat cams, possibly a ported and skimmed head, and maybe a new set of rings and stem seals too. The idea would be to get all the bits together, and get it done as one job in the spring followed by a remap to suit.