Hello from France

Hi guys,

My name is Fredo, i am 37 and i live in France. I own an Opel Speedster since 2018 and i started a SC conversion last month. I read a lot of thread here so that is why i decided to register and maybe help someone...

I have some other cars in the garage but only Pugs... (106 rallye and XSi, 205 GTi)

By now the speedster has some upgrades...

Shocks Elka by shaft racing (specialist of the lotus chassis)
Team dynamics 16/17
Complete Tullett exhaust
SC stage 2 with custom loom by max88performance
aeroquip fuel lines
dual pass

and many more :LOL: (weight saving about 40kg, turbo cosmetics parts...).

By now conversion is in the good way, it will be back on the road early 2021....

Here is a little pic of its last road trip...

Thank you guys...

for the moment there is the charge cooler to keep power on and Obdtuner to tune the ECU like I want.
In the future I will see to get some forged parts as it can be an issue if we go through 250hp (and it will be very close to this limit)...
:D From the beginning of the conversion I saved 8kg so I am approximately at 828... weighted the kit at 29 (without coolant for the charge cooler)...

Next steps can be :

Pro alloy fuel tank (-4kg)
Lightened fly wheel (-5kg)
Carbon seats (approx -8kg)
Odyssey battery
Carbon under tray (-4kg)

and many more... just need cash :ROFLMAO:
So for the moment will be ok with 870... lol
They are safe to run at 270bhp if the mapping is right on stock bottom end.
Are you removing the balancer shafts?
Also consider having crankshaft and flywheel lightened. This will be better done when you fit forged pistons and rods, to have whole bottom end rotating mass lightened. Mine revs out so much smoother and more freely now. Forget how much was removed but it was very noticeable to lift the parts let alone drive it after.
I am still thinking about removing the balancer shafts (will do but don’t know if I will do now or later...), but clearly improve the response with lighter parts is a great mod that is in my mind.

i think i will go step by step to avoid issues and feels every improvement I will do ^^
Did some work yesterday ^^ close to the end now, will take time to do a clean job for the wiring loom and hoses...

Is someone knows where I can find a bung for the map sensor on the supercharger? Thanks