Hello from Barcelona, Spain


April 30, 2019
Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel, from Barcelona, Spain, and I'm glad to join this community, I hope to learn a lot here.

I work as vehicle dynamics test engineer for certain car manufacturer since last 8 years, and I was abduced by the blitz tentacles more than 15 years ago.

Actually, I got in my possession 3 Opels, an Astra coupe MK4 turbo (technically it's my mrs. car, it's the all arounder), one Kadett E GSI bought past december and quickly restored into decent condition (swapped to 20XE, it was in pretty good shape, but with some bodywork to do), and my other Kadett GSI 16V, an early june 88' unit, been with me 10 years, and now inmersed in a heavy modding, including Astra MK4/5 full front axle swap with modded strut towers, rear Ford Focus multilink suspension (ongoing now), and many other stuff.

Full story for this car is on my current forum where I'm moderator long ago (www.clubgsispain.com), but I guess it's hard to follow for language reasons. If someone is interested in details, I can start a thread with an overview and/or share an IG account where take a look at the details, just on command.

Why I'm here if none of them are Z22SE then? Good question.

My big project brought me here. I'm still far from finishing bodywork and modifications, but I started to think powerplant to move the frankenstein. Premises, are simple, throttle bodied (NA, MUST), and flirting in the 200 hp, not aiming to break records or be the king of Santa Pod. There are three options for me:

- Keep the good ol' 20XE. Main problem is that actually is fitted into the other Kadett. It's well known, nothing to say here, we all know this engine quite well, but I started to think about move something newer, plus currently, I have one running.

- Move into X20XEV/R and squeeze it. Not bad, there are some items improved over the older brother, plus here in Spain is cheaper to get one. Performance parts are quite similar. Once you move into quality components, all are priced similar, plus they share a good bunch of parts or are exhangeable.

- Try a Z22SE. Here I'm a rookie. Apart of chain problems, balancer shaft deletion, superchargers... I like the fact that it's a newer aluminium unit, and for what I read seems to be very mod-thankful. I will open a new thread to ask some brief questions, and after, I'll dig into the forum and read, and learn and read and learn...

Here we go, here's the coupe, on it's usual status:

Well, nothing special, a standard one, with the difference of being highly problematic. It's a love-hate relationship.

Then there's the latest Kadett, freshly painted and swapped, a good one. I fitted recently EHPS from Citroen Saxo, why I didn't do this on my other Kadetts before!?:




The 2 cars and the workhorses:

And then, my project, "el batallas", used to be like this:


Now it's like this:



Many work involved at this point, if it's anyone's interest, let me know and I can share some more.

Nice to salute averybody!
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May 22, 2007
Hi and welcome to the site. :)

There's lots of information here so enjoy your time reading the various forums.


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December 12, 2012
Welcome to Z22SE heaven.
looks like you have some cool cars.
keep us updated on the new project z22se throttle bodies. (i never built my Corsa C throttle bodied car went sc)


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June 21, 2015
hi pal , wish I had the garage you've got,, very very very jealous,,, nice cars love the mk2 astra .I had a mk1 gte with the c20xe engine running delorto 45, carbs ,,wish I still had it ,,anyway a big welcome pal,,
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