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Hello All,

I am thinking of starting a regular group buy for remaps, placed around different regions. First off I am going to start with the Midlands. The location I have chosen is a motorway service station just off the M1 J23a & J24, close to Donnington Park

Map Linky Here

If someone has a more suitable place/meeting point or would be willing to put up with us at their house if there is space, then please share :)

Date is to be confirmed although I am thinking of sometime maybe mid Jan.

As this is a group buy, the more that want a remap, the cheaper it gets, pricing will be as below;

1-3 cars - £255, 4-6 cars - £235, 6-10 - £215.

I would be there from 9am.

Any car should be catered for, so please note interest and PM me the registration so I can get figures etc back to you.

Cheers :)
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OK, I am going to revise the price.

£220 for each vehicle, it doesn't matter what it is; Petrol, Turbo Petrol or Diesel... Can also be vans..

However I will need a minimum of 4 cars to to this.

PM me the registration so I can provide figures etc.

There will be one meeting location approx 100 miles from me.

Date can be arranged once there is enough interest to go forward.

Cheers (y)


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Maybe the OBD was disconnected for a reason? Like those who took out the bulbs for the engine warning lights back in the day, not to make u more worried ;)

Not back In the day this exact van has the abs led smashed which is why I got it cheaper I clocked it straight away. Took it for a test drive slammed the brakes on no abs I didn't tell him cos he thought it was major but the abs sensor wire was rotten due to being split so no resistance hence no abs £4 later that was sorted but it may well be why the obd is not connected.. I shouldn't of brought it but I needed to save it from the rudeboys lol