Got a Problemo

Had a bit of a nightmare since before christmas time. My car has been sitting unused for best part of a year. Went to use it again and get mot etc done, so had to jump start to get it inside and onto a ramp to see if i can minimize work needing done to pass an mot

Blah blah blah, long story short i was cleaning up terminal connectors and charging battery etc as i was always having to jump start.

Any way, What i think i did was, not connect the small wire back on the starter tightly enough as it turned out it was a little loose still.

But before i realised that i first assumed my problem was related to the alternator. Got new regulator and slip rings.

I also ended up putting a new solenoid on the starter cause when i realised the small wire was not on tight, i took starter off completely and cleaned up posts and connectors and bench tested.

Since putting it back together car will not start. Today i got a new battery as i was determined battery was still good and only needed a charge, cause it was a bosch and still looked quite new.

So blah,blah,blah, car will still not start. looking for a few pointers. and done a little vid

I've checked the coil pack getting spark from all 4 coils.

may try some easy start tomorrow.

For now i'm looking for some advice.
I'm also wondering if there is wires missing from the bit in the pic


Well, a little update. Still not much further forward with the car.

Today i went to remove the injectors, to check they are not blocked, although they were fine a few weeks ago.

Realised one of the injector connectors was not fully pressed on, think that was me a few days back.

Nope still no joy. and yesterday found this as well. A couple of the spades had green powdery corrosion on them, was also convinced this was the problem as well. Day before i cleaned these up, i had the opcom connected and it was saying can't connect to ecu. But it was throwing up egr code.

The one remaining thing left is that the alternator is faulty. Possibly i made a Cu*t of the alternator rebuild, or the replacement regulator does not suit the alternator. As the car still jump started before i done the work on that.

I never bench tested the alternator before refitting, maybe that was a mistake.


Took this pic from a thread by evocarlos . Wonder if the different style regulators caused you any problems.
They are both Bosch. one is done by a company i think called Cargo, which if i'm correct has been bought over by bosch. so should have the same technology.

Took all the relays out, to test them, just to be sure, also bought a multimeter last night. Test diodes etc.

Still leaning towards alternator not quite right.

But if anyone has a few suggestions, I'm all ears.
have you checked all the fuses? If the ecu is not getting power or the ignition/fuel pump circuits are not getting power it will not start.
also check the grey 6 pin plug on top of engine near oil filler. this is power to engine electrics and ecu.
I got it going, Thank F*ck. I think the problem was i never put 1 of the injector connectors back on properly, and also the wee pipe on the side of the fuel rail, never put that back on last night when i was attempting to start car.

So the good news is, I never made a C*nt up of the alternator rebuild new slip rings and bearings etc.

And for a Brucie bonus got a nice shiny starter solenoid and a painted starter motor.


Before anyone says anything, It's not pink, It's Mercedes Calypso red, Which coincidentally does look a little pink.


Thanks for the tips anyway corsaZ22se , Was getting ready to check the wiring etc when i spotted the pipe to fuel rail disconnected.

This was just after checking the fuses inside the car, so saved me a couple of hours of work.
Worked out for the best in the long run, cause when i took the inlet manifold off to get the starter out , i found a collection of oil inside and the small breather on the back of the manifold was partially blocked.

A reminder to get a oil catch can. Ordered one this morning.
Removing the manifold was what caused the starting prob. Because i was about to remove all injector connections and realised you could just turn them slightly so they did not impede the manifold when removing.

The one connector i took off, never properly fitted it again. (cause of no starting problem)
I broke the post for the big wire on the solenoid when refitting and that's why i got a new solenoid.

Can finally get round to fitting these bumper fog-lights iv'e had since October. IMG_20191028_114636.jpg


Which i actually got for free because of a few light scratches on the lenses and cause of this broken wire, which may have been me from screwing the cover onto the backing.:whistle: Wires are quite stiff though