God knows what the problem is

Hi guys. So after many little mods and tweaks and problem solving sessions I have got most little things with the Vec b fixed or replaced and improved. The car flies and only suffers with that maddening heat soak if you don't get a chance to drive literally 60 second down the road. I've seen the intake temperature drop from 64 degrees to 34 degrees in about 30 seconds and then to 24-26 in the rest of the time. Just wish it wasn't so bad. Any tips on that would be great also. Replaced intake with: 90° silicon into 45° ally into 45° silicon into the airbox which has a K&N panel filter compliments of I think evocarlos. I've replaced the silly little pipe from the front of the airbox with a big ally duct that slips over the neck rather than inside. I've removed the massive bottle from the drivers side and the pipe from the bumper and cut a slot in the front of the bit that runs along to that pipe all in the hope of sucking as much cold air as possible without trying to find a cold air feed kit and location.

Now onto the main reason for the post.

The engine is ridiculously noisey. It sounds like it has a rattle although nothing as bad as any videos I've seen of timing/balance chain issues. More like ridiculously worn tappets or noisey injectors or sumat. But it sounds awful when you rev with no load. Also every now and then something rattles that DOES sound like a chain but not the ticking or knocking most people report and I assume it can't be the timing chain as it doesn't do it often at all. A little rev and it goes away completely and doesn't come back for another while.

Any ideas would be great as I do want to start working engine wise towards supercharging but need it to be mechanically sound to start. Only aiming for around 250bhp so I don't have to start replacing things immediately.

Many thanks in advance. I'll keep an ear out and try to get a video of the rattle when it happens, and I'll also upload a video of the noisey engine lol.
Ok so rather perfectly, for the second day running (for once) I did the school run this morning which is literally a 3-5 minute mid strength (lol couldn't think how to put it) drive to the school. No rattle when first started but when I got back to the car and started it there it was. Unfortunately the Bluetooth cut in on the HU and stopped the video just as I revved it which stopped it. Only a little rev, say 2-3k maybe. And it stops straight away.

Included is video of intermittent rattle, revving and rough idle with random noises and stuff lol.

Aaaaand.... go! Lol

Gotta scroll sideways to get the different videos. 1st is general engine noise, 2nd is general revving noise and 3rd is that godawful rattle which hardly ever happens and disappears as soon as I rev it.