Gm 2.2 supercharger


Hi guys thanks for the add I'm hoping someone on here can help /advise? Iv been into my vauxhalls for long time my first car at 17 in 97 was Mk1 gte astra with numerous Mk3 gsi and vectra gsi. My question is this I now have an 07 reg alfa romeo 159 2.2 this uses the Z22se block just alfas own direct injection and vvt head claimed 185bhp standard. Would the supercharger that you guys use be pretty much bolt and play? Obvs with all the other bits needed Iv been meaning to ring Courtney regarding ecu mapping and if they may be able to do my alfa one?
Any help or advice how ever trivial would be great help!


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vocky may be able to help you with the bolt on part as to if it can be done.
Mapping may be a little more difficult? depends what ECU it has and if it can be set up for boost or if there is another Alfa you can take the ECU from in a similar way to what Dave Gilbert has done with the 2.2turbo Vectra C


the cylinder head is vvt on the Alfa and has different inlet ports, for the Direct injection system, similar to the z22yh set up

so the L61 (z22se) supercharger inlet manifold will not fit