Geniune Vauxhall Part Numbers

Mark Dj

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List all the part numbers for items for the 2.2 and our cars in here please. I will keep updating the list so they all show at the top. I will need to delite the ones added just to keep it tidy looking, but please add your part numbers still. Thanks :wink:

cruise control clutch switch Astra G: 90590574
Vectra C Pipe: 9177099
Adaptor to box: 9177104
GM Triple electrode spark plugs - 91158431
VXR in take pipe Suction pipe 5555 8368 £12.60 (the intake pipe)
Connection bell 5555 8369 £ 1.99 (attachment pipe) Total cost inc Vat £ 17.15


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few numbers for you mark :D

Dark style headlights as fitted to 03 Astra's.

N/S V0093175725 75.50 excl VAT (each)
O/S V0093175726

jack point covers for irmscher sills

RH Front - i2001354
RH Rear - i2001353
LH Front - i2001304
LH Rear - i2001303

TC panel in gun metal grey 13129777

Traction Control Switch 90437527

taction Control Switch Loom 9270597

TC Panel Black 90437593


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Cam cover gasket...12584084
Balance shaft kit ...12576647
Timing chain kit ... 12577385
Crank pulley bolt ... 11589123
Timing cover gasket ... 24435052
crank front oil seal ... 90571925
Z22SE Timing Chain Modification Kit

Vectra 02-onward : From Engine No11065400 (March 2002) modified Tensioner and Lubrication Nozzle have been introduced: Part No :12 577 385 Catalog No:56 36 400
In Case of Customer Complaint use this Kit.
Field Remedy:1532
There was never a Recall from Vauxhall despite all the Problems they had and knew about.
Vectra 02-

Partnumbers for new shape vectra 2.2 2002 onward:Front Wheel Bearing Kit:V0093186387
Power Steering Pump:VR1600015XPXP
Gear Unit Power Steering:VR1600015
Trackrod Ends:V0093172255 / V0093172254
Clutch Pedal return Spring:93183937
Service Items:
Pollen Filter:93172299
Oil Filter:93175493
Fuel Filter (Petrol) :25313359
Air Cleaner Element:93172462
Front Fog Lamp N/S:93172403