2.4 Inlet General 2.4 Inlet Manifold Questions

I have my inlet and bracket from the groupbuys here at my home but the part that sticks out where a small hose/pipe fits onto the inlet is broken.
Anyone have the similar problem??
What's best to do? strong glue and some tape??

Somehow i didn't get my gasket seal thingy with my inlet.
Is this only a green rubber ring ? Or more then just that?
Is this peace something that is easy to get in any garage?

Also, i understand the EGR mod must be done to make use of the 2.4 inlet.
Is an EGR cheater the best mod for this? Where can i get one of those??

Sorry for the many questions. :oops:

Greetz from Belgium.
the inlets are rather easy to break :roll:

best to bond it back together :)

the gasket should be taped to the inside of the box it came in dunno..

egr cheater is via the link at the top of the page 'make a donation'
hi I have a question about the Injection.
if the 2.4 l bridge construction and other (bigger nozzles) Injection construction should be even more power (ps)?
someone has already tried?
I would be grateful for some information.

apologised for the English google!
if other mods have been done then bigger injectors work well.

I gained 15 bhp from fitting the 2.0 sc LSJ injectors and remap, but I did have 200 bhp before they were fitted.
Thank you Vocky!

Another thing I thought about is the reseting of the ECU? Many people say they drive carefully after they have reset the ECU. Why is that? Is it just to be on the safe side or is it because there is some instructions of it?
Iv'e got another problem now. When I was driving the first 50km to get the ECU to settledown. I noticed the fan was on. Did'nt at the time know what it was. But now I understans that it is some kind of faultcode. Even the EML light turned on after I started the car the first time the fan stayed on. I've tried some different things to se if it was any problems like changed the air temp sensor. Tried to reset the ECU a couple of times. Changed the fuel preassure to be both on the inletpipe and in the valve from the vacum to the brakes (reset the ECU everytime). And same result all the time, fan comes on efter about 30km and if I stop end start the engine after that the EML light is on?

Is this something that appens when you modify the pipes between the throttle and the airfilter box? When I was driving with the 2,4 inletpipe and standard pipe to airfilter, standard box with KN filter in it there were no problems. So the 2,4 pipe semes to work fine. I have tried to spray start gas (don't know if this is the name for it in english) around the pipework to se if it's leaking extra air. But with no result so I think the pipework is ok.

Anyone had this kind of problem?
I suppose you mean the EGR valve? I let it be in place. Did not move it at all. Just put a blanking plate by the side of the cyl head (next to the inletpipe). Could this cause any problem?
Found out what was wrong. It was a terminal in the connector to the ECU that was bent and a stuck EGR valve. Once again, thank you Vocky for all the information!
Hi guys.
Im keen to get one of these manifolds and realise someones proberly already asked this but what exactly will I need?
Ive read nearly all of the 24 pages on this thing, 599 posts for those of you who are counting, and im still confused.
Can someone help me out?