2.4 Inlet General 2.4 Inlet Manifold Questions

a good find :D

try these guys for shipping to europe http://www.saturnpartspeople.com/




edit: to save trying to find the part numbers on page 15 here they are :LOL:

part numbers for servo one way valve
90373359 2x13.5 connectors + 1 Vacum
90497004 2x8.5 connectors+ 1 Vacum
90304535 2x13.5 connectors+ 2 Vacum


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Hmm, this is interesting :)

Does anybody have more details on how the runners go inside the manifold? When opening up the 2.2 manifold I was surprised to see how small the plenum is. The runners are pretty long and have a 180 degree bend in them. From what I've found on intake manifold design, this points to peak torque being generated at low rpm (which is what the engine does in practice) and if the runners are really long then it might be a problem higher up the revs.

So the 2.4 manifold, how is the diameter of the runners? And has the plenum size increased?

Afaik the 2.4 generates something like 177hp, does anybody know at what RPM? Might be an indication on how the manifold flows :)




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Ahem, seems like I found part of the answer to my own question :)

Looks like the 2.4 is available in differnt trims power delivery wise. Would guess that is an electronic issue that GM arranges in the ECU (but I'm not sure of course).

Max power seems to be 177hp at 6600rpm and max troque is 225Nm at 4800rpm. So that is at significantly higher RPM then the 2.2. That would mean that the manifold will flow enough for a 2.4 engine to run max power at 6600rpm.

Interesting... :)

http://media.gm.com/us/powertrain/en/pr ... ky_sae.pdf



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vocky said:
I ordered a 2.4 inlet manifold yesterday, so will be able to update this thread with some info once it arrives :D
So if you buy this mani and a matching TB it's a plug and play mod?

Well apart from connecting to the filter but thats not hard to deal with.
there's no egr system on the usa vehicles, the take off is used for the brake servo vacuum supply.

if you look closely at the top engine pic you will see no egr pipe, only the hole in the head where the egr normally bolts.

just fit an egr blanking plate :)

I will be using my 2.0sc 68mm tb rather than buying the 2.4 65mm tb, I might have to modify it to fit dunno..
the usa guys have fitted the 2.4 tb, I haven't but................

the reason for swapping the wiring on the 2.0 sc tb is because the butterfly opens the other way to the 2.2 tb.
so the re-wire is simply reversing the three circuits.

the 2.4 butterfly opens the same way as the 2.2, so should work fine :)


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Drats :( Allways the same problem with shippingcosts from the US :(

Do you have any way to do a before/after check on power? Very curious to see what the difference will be :)

BTW, are the GM partnumbers available for the manifold and throttlebody? Would be interesting to see if the local dealer can also order them :)


my 68mm tb was only £45 :)
shipping + customs cost £50 :(
£95 for a brand new tb is still less than half the uk price for a 58mm tb :)

the 2.4 inlet manifold will probably be as good as a dbilas :eek: maybe better dunno..

dbilas costs £1000, gm 2.4 costs perhaps £200

so if it works, then it's a bargain :D

I was the guinea pig for the weaponR 4-2-1 and the 68mm tb, I never knew if either would fit or work, so I may as well try the 2.4 inlet :LOL:

I will post part number when it arrives :)


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Agreed, if this works it is a REALLY nice upgrade, factory parts and reasonable price.

Looking forward to detailed pictures when it arrives drool.gif



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Not long to wait Vocky, may have the inlet manifold by Tuesday/Wednesday unless express etc.
If this is a two part direct swap manifold and throttle body with minor mods to pipework, i will be ordering upon confirmation.
Std engine cams may see power gains in the low and mid range and a little on at the top.
Now we only need to find and adapt an exhaust manifold/downpipe. sex..