Gearbox Mount

quite simple, undo the centre bolt and lift/lower mount and slide in this support mount. from what ive heard your better of fitting vibratechnics mounts. thats what im using on the corsa c. (y)
Not sure about fitment Matt but on the Mk4 dont think it was a massive job so not sure if the Mk5 is far off the MK4, heard good things about Vibratechnics but also heard they are very hard mounts.


Just to clear it up, this isn't the front engine mount, it's a second mount they have only just released.

I've seen the vibratech mounts before, and they look too stiff for what I want. I think this is the mount on the right hand side of the engine bay under the battery
thats still quiet simple to fit, you will have to remove the mount from the car to fit it if its like other vauxhalls as the bolt comes from the inside out towards the gear box.


The E-Mail I got from them about the release said it was developed with Courtenay Sport, but it's not on their site yet. Might wait until they released it on there and see what the deal is.
To avoid any confusion, this is an insert for the gearbox/side mount. Vibra Technics do not do a mount to replace this one, hence the insert.

We (Courtenay Sport) didn't put the mount or info up onto our site until we received the product from Powerflex and checked it all fitted properly. Powerflex released the info as they had done the development at our request. You've got all the links above and one final one for fitting, probably takes about and hour and a half all in: